Water and Health

Water is all around us and we can easily take it for granted, especially when it’s so cheap. In America, we have it in abundance and is one of the reasons we often praise God for his blessings.

Being such big advocate for Water Conservation and providing education in the realm of responsible use and how to care for this valuable resource, we sometimes miss the point…the reasons why we care.

Are you drinking the best water?

Water in EcuadorI know of no place in the world that water is more precious, than in the mountains of Ecuador. It is here, where the native people have been known to live longer and healthier lives due primarily to the water!

This water travels among the most pristine forests, but more importantly, through chasms of rock and canyons, sometimes falling great distances and creating its own energy. It’s this energy that gives the water renewed life and attributes to great health for anyone who drinks this delicious, ultra-hydrating, alkaline water of the Ecuadorian Mountains.

This “special water” is available to us in many ways here in North America, too. Whether it is filtered through a media that raises the pH levels, or simply comes in the form of hard-water, like in the many locations of similar topography such as the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the Appalachians of Kentucky. Somehow we’ve eluded the specific conditions necessary to create natural ultra-alkaline water, but it’s very close! But, whether it’s high in pH levels, or just your normal tap water, we need to drink more of it.

Are you drinking enough water?

Your body tells you when you need water. It is well known that when you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Other symptoms, which are not so well known, are feelings of irritability, and depression. Often times if you are not sleeping well, it could mean you are simply dehydrated.

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Are you bathing with clean water?

In North America, we have the best water on the planet. It’s plentiful, clean and safe…for the most part, anyway. The reason why it is considered so safe is because we treat the heck out of it, and so much so that it’s dead. This treatment involves the introduction of chlorine.

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