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The Value of Water is something that few of us really understand, and is often taken for granted…it’s in everything, or is it?

Mr. Wayne on Blog Talk Radio

I’ve begun a series of informational podcasts that deals with the topic of Water’s Value. We drink it, we bath in it, we play in it, and sometimes we even try to hide from it and curse it’s very existence. We don’t seem to appreciate water until we either don’t have enough, or we have too much. The bottom line; water demands our respect!

Everyday there is something to celebrate, honor, make fun of, recognize, or memorialize…so why not water? In actually there are several days that bring attention to water, like World Water Day in March. There’s World Toilet Day on November 19th that brings awareness to the need for proper sanitation, and let’s not forget Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day in January!

Schubert’s selfie

Last week was Teddy Bear Day (September 9th), and the day that celebrates the creation of America’s favorite toy. It’s also a great day to wash your teddy bear, and together with my little friend, Schubert, we demonstrated the proper disposal of greywater. Instead of just letting it go down the drain, we showed how we incorporate this used bath water into growing our tomatoes and jalapenos into our Organic Garden.

So what about the other 361 days of the year? This is something you’ll have to tune in, and see how I expose the Value of Water….please join me! click here

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