7 Inches

Measuring RainwaterWhat can you do with seven inches of rainfall?

Most would say that this just isn’t enough to consider harvesting, when in actuality it can be a tremendous amount, or as others might say, “it’s better than nothing”.

desert rainPhoenix received little rain compared to the National Average of 28 inches, but when compared to other desert regions around the globe, like Saudi Arabia (2.3), Egypt (2.0), or Bahrain (3.3), Phoenix is a virtually a tropical garden with 8.03 inches. These large populated deserts have been built around rainwater capturing and in most island communities, people rely solely on rainwater for their drinking water.

When you consider that a typical American Family of 4 needs 100 gallons of water a day for just personal hygiene and drinking, this adds up fast. We add in outdoor landscaping and keeping the garden growing, this number can triple!

But let’s say that we put up some raingutters and install large capacity storage tanks. Our little family, in their modest 2500sf home (including the garage), are collecting most of their own water. A whopping 13,000 gallons, or about 83% of their daily needs!


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