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Skyforest Family Market

Skyforest Family Market
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The Skyforest Family Market was born out of our love of Green Toys. These are toys made of recycled #2 plastic (PTE), which is a food grade material. When combined with safe paint, your youth can chew safely on these things all day long. An added bonus, which really sold us on being a distributor…they are made in America!

Along with our flagship product, Green Toys, we are adding more American made goods, primarily with the same theme…made from recycled or reclaimed materials; and non-toxic!



Rain Barrels and Tanks

Market Rain Barrels
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We began experimenting with Rainwater Harvesting in 2007 with our first purchase of a reclaimed wine barrel for just $25. The metal straps were painted, the oak was treated, and a few holes were drilled. Soon, we knew we were onto something pretty cool. We’re no longer able to find those cheap oak wine barrels for sale, anymore, and have since ended our custom made barrels.

We do, however, look for and promote the wonderful selection now available across the country through Amazon, and other sources. With so many varieties, we are excited to bring them to you in this way, and we will do our best to offer the best ones on the market.



Suggested Reading

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We love to read, and one way to see the world, is to read. Our selection of books, resources and educational materials are some of the best resources out there for creating a healthy and nutrition rich lifestyle; organic gardening and rainwater harvesting. We are making a concerted attempt to review all of the material that we recommend, and we encourage your feed back, too!

If you decide to purchase any of the books through our Amazon Affiliate Program, we thank you in advance, for it’s through this venue that we are able to expand our message in creating a Lifestyle in Sustainability.



Living Off The Grid

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Consider camping a perfect way to experience what it might be like Living Off The Grid.

It’s a good idea to test your gear once a year, and take inventory on what you have. Plastics deteriorate, batteries discharge, propane bottles get used up and somethings just get lost. Keep the supplies stocked up and easy to access.

We are always seeking new products that will help sustain your family for days, just in case the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan….and prepping is a great excuse to have some really cool camping gear, if nothing else!



Non Toxic Cleaning

Grand Nephew cleaning
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Our Home Environment is the one place we have full control of. It’s our sanctuary, and some of us spend more time in our home than any other place on earth. We entertain, raise children, and if you’re like us, we run a business in it.

More and more people are thinking about what is brought in through the front door. Shoes are taken off, air filters are replaced, and cleaning products are scrutinized. We’re talking floor cleaning solutions, window cleaners, room deodorizers, and even the soap we put onto our skin and shampoo we put in our hair. The best options are, of course, natural or even home made. This way, we know exactly what’s in it.



Food & Healthy Goodies

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Click to see our snacks!

Snacks. It’s something we all seek and a must-have, especially when there are children in the house. Snacks are a part of our “get away bag”, stashed in our office drawer, and keeps us going when we’re too busy to stop for a meal. Unfortunately, snacks are a part of our routine and our lifestyle, so make them healthy!

We have selected some “goodies” that are actually good for us. Some are packed with vitamins and minerals. Some contain zero sugar, and all natural. Some are even organic and we aim to try them all.

We are now adding food items, and products for our Home Chefs and Bakers, because we know how important it is to know what goes into our family’s meals!




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