Texas REBATES and Rainwater Harvesting

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Here is a listing of Cities, Utilities and Water Districts offering Water Conservation REBATES in the State of Texas. See the bottom of the page for a Legend of the symbols and the specific Water Conservation REBATE offered by your municipality, including rainwater harvesting helps.

Allen Efficient Appliance Rebate Turf Replacement Rebate raindrop_tiny Efficient Toilet Rebate

Amarillo raindrop_tiny

Austin Composting Rebate  Turf Replacement Rebate  raindrop_tiny

Brownsville  Efficient Toilet Rebate 

Burleson PRV Install Rebate

Carrollton PRV Install Rebate

College Station raindrop_tiny Efficient Toilet Rebate

Dallas Turf Replacement Rebate Efficient Toilet Rebate 

Laredo Efficient Toilet Rebate

League City raindrop_tiny

Mesquite Turf Replacement Rebate  Efficient Toilet Rebate

Midland Turf Replacement Rebate  Efficient Toilet Rebate

New Braunfels raindrop_tiny Turf Replacement Rebate  Efficient Toilet Rebate  Efficient Appliance Rebate

Odessa  Efficient Toilet Rebate

Plano  Turf Replacement Rebate  PRV Install Rebate  Efficient Toilet Rebate

Round Rock raindrop_tiny Turf Replacement Rebate  Efficient Toilet Rebate  Efficient Appliance Rebate

San Antonio raindrop_tiny Turf Replacement Rebate

San Marcos raindrop_tiny Efficient Toilet Rebate  Efficient Appliance Rebate

Southlake Turf Replacement Rebate

Schertz  Efficient Toilet Rebate

Sunset Valley  Composting Rebate Turf Replacement Rebate  raindrop_tiny Efficient Toilet Rebate  Efficient Appliance Rebate



Implement Backyard Composting Composting Rebate

Purchase Water Saving Appliance  Efficient Appliance Rebate

Upgrade Irrigation / Replace Turf Turf Replacement Rebate

Install a new Pressure Relief Valve  PRV Install Rebate

Implement Rainwater Harvesting  raindrop_tiny

Upgrade to a High Efficiency Toilet Efficient Toilet Rebate