Family Farming

Sounds wonderful, right?

The big green tractor, a cool red barn, up at the crack of dawn…

wpid-wp-1434858756066Well, not really, especially if you live in an urban area, downtown, or even in an apartment…but you CAN grow your own food. A lot of this relies on our mentality, that not everything is available year round. Not everything has to be grown outdoors, either. We grow what’s in season, and depending on how much, or how little sunshine our little corner of the world receives, we grow what we can, or what our property (or balcony) will sustain.

Hence the word, sustainability!

Check back again soon, for the exciting world of AGRISCAPING is happening! In the mean time, imagine growing your own produce, and begin making your list of foods that your family wants to eat. You’re already on your way!



Lily_hands in soil
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seed planting
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flowing spigot
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