Mother Earth Day and Eco Raindrops

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Celebrating the 1 year Anniversary of our Mobile App…we have both of our Mobile Applications up and running, just in time for Mother Earth Day!

This modern day environmental movement began in 1970 when Wisconsin Senator, Gaylord Nelson, spurred the public consciousness into the realization that progress and national prosperity did not have to be associated with heavily polluted air, degradation of our forests, and contamination to our waters. The anti-war and woodstock generation of the late 1960’s added to Senator Nelson’s inspiration that the people, not government, can make things happen. He decided that it was to be the youth who will bring awareness to a cause that not only affects this country, but an entire planet, and it was our youth who are responsible for Earth Day falling on April 22…halfway between Spring Break, and Finals!

Read more about the History of Earth Day.

Easy to Use

Screenshot_2016-02-25-10-46-57Our Mobile App makes it easy to take us with you. Here are the highlights for using both the Android App (found on Google Play), and the iOS App (found on iTunes or in the App Store) for iPhone and iPad users.

  • Water Sounds ~ We have several downloadable audio tracks that will soothe and inspire a relaxing moment, even if it’s only 60 sec. Upload it to your device and loop-it for continuous play. They are here for your enjoyment!
  • Find State Rebates ~ Hopefully you live in an area where there are rebates being offered. If so, act fast! Many REBATES go quickly, and are on a first come first serve basis. Scroll down the list and find your state. If it’s listed, click it, and go to your state’s page where you’ll find a list of municipalities and symbols indicating what type of Water Conservation REBATE is available.
  • Rainwater Calculator ~ This will help you figure out how much rainwater can be collected from your home. Start with entering the overall roof dimensions to give you a square footage number. Scroll down further and the tool will show you just how much water you’ll collect after a 1-inch storm event. Multiply this number by your areas annual precipitation, and wha-la!
  • Where’s My Water ~ Enter your Zip Code to find your areas annual precipitation total. Also, refine your search to locate Plastic Rain Barrel suppliers, REBATES from Municipalities, and Rain Collecting Supplies from retailers. Adjust the mileage to find one closest to you!
  • Fun Calendar ~ Do you know when your State’s Annual Arbor Day is? How about World Toilet Day (Nov 19). Did you know that June 24th is Take Your Dog to Work Day? Let’s not forget Covered Chocolate Anything Day in December! Everyday is worth celebrating, and we only want to give you even more reasons to have a wonderful day!


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The Value of Water on Facebook

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The Value of Water is something that few of us really understand, and is often taken for granted…it’s in everything, or is it?

Mr. Wayne on Blog Talk Radio

I’ve begun a series of informational podcasts that deals with the topic of Water’s Value. We drink it, we bath in it, we play in it, and sometimes we even try to hide from it and curse it’s very existence. We don’t seem to appreciate water until we either don’t have enough, or we have too much. The bottom line; water demands our respect!

Everyday there is something to celebrate, honor, make fun of, recognize, or memorialize…so why not water? In actually there are several days that bring attention to water, like World Water Day in March. There’s World Toilet Day on November 19th that brings awareness to the need for proper sanitation, and let’s not forget Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day in January!

Schubert’s selfie

Last week was Teddy Bear Day (September 9th), and the day that celebrates the creation of America’s favorite toy. It’s also a great day to wash your teddy bear, and together with my little friend, Schubert, we demonstrated the proper disposal of greywater. Instead of just letting it go down the drain, we showed how we incorporate this used bath water into growing our tomatoes and jalapenos into our Organic Garden.

So what about the other 361 days of the year? This is something you’ll have to tune in, and see how I expose the Value of Water….please join me! click here

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