Welcome to a Lifestyle in Sustainability.

Self-Sufficiency is our focus here, and if we’re not having fun developing a Lifestyle in Sustainability, then something’s wrong.

Family Fun, Clean Water, Healthy Food.

Driven by a desire to see families thrive and a passion for self-sufficiency within a community, we are here to help you create a healthy environment that will benefit generations to come, and help you to make money while you’re at it. We’ll encourage you how to grow your own vegetables, fruit trees, and even loofa sponges, and if necessary, we’ll get our hands dirty with you! We’ll help you collect rainwater, where an average property has the potential to store thousands of gallons.

These are great ways to meet your neighbors, too, and if we are all on board with being more sustainable; something that benefits everyone, including our own micro climate and local environment, then we’ll all feel safer doing it, for we’ll all be learning to be self-sufficient when the SHTF! This local environment that I speak of, is not just about the trees that provide us with shade, or our ground water that we depend on, it includes the streets that our children ride their bikes to school, and the economy that allows us to work and play where we live without having to commute hours to a job.

Sustainability is about using our natural resources in a responsible way that won’t take away from what future generations will need and benefit from. Sustainability is about caring for the environment, growing the local economy, and being socially aware and sensitive to our neighbors around us. This might be an entirely new concept for many, and for most us, I believe it’s what we were raised with, and certainly taught by our Grandparents. Somehow, we’ve been drawn away, but together, we can bring back what families were meant to be.

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